Thanks to technology, high academic expectations and the use of illegal drugs that consumes our world today, the need for the assistance in managing the mental health of some children and teens is important to helping them get on track and stay on track to thrive.

Many patients and parents are unsure where to turn when it comes to concerns for their children around:

A good starting point for parents/guardians and your children is your Pediatrician.

Dr. Sandra Thomas is not only qualified to diagnose these health concerns, but also plays an important role in the management of them. For Example, in addition to using the conventional Vanderbilt testing forms, Children’s Health Center, PA uses a computer program, Q-B, to analyze the initial and follow-up testing for the ADHD challenges and medication dosing.

In some cases, we may refer to an external qualified therapist or other healthcare professional if we feel this is the best fit for the patient and their family.

Dr. Thomas understands the changing environment our children live in and spends quality time training around new treatments and concerns.