Drug Testing


Regardless if you are a concerned parent, getting tested to stay on a team or to get a job, follow-up testing, or being tested for legal purposes, Children’s Health Center [...]

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Contraception can be used for many reasons, including, but not limited to, relieving menstrual pain, clearing acne, and as a form of birth control. Regardless of you or your daughter’s reason [...]


Wart Removal


Warts are tiny, firm bumps on the skin that are commonly found in school-aged children (rarely in children younger than 2 years). While warts will go away on their own [...]

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A child or teen with ADHD and ADD finds it hard to pay attention, stay organized, and/or sit still. A qualified doctor needs to properly test a child for ADHD [...]

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Spirometry is a test often used to diagnose and monitor our asthma and COPD patients. The test uses a simple device, called a spirometer, to measure airflow and air volume [...]


Ear Piercing


Children’s Health Center offers professional ear piercing services to babies, toddlers, children and teens. It is our policy to only pierce ear lobes and no other part of the body. [...]

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Hearing Screening


Hearing screenings for young children and school-aged kids is an important tool in identifying children with hearing loss. Our clinic checks our patient’s hearing routinely as they grow in order [...]

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An EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram) measures the heart’s electrical activity (generated by the heart as it contracts) to help the CHC staff evaluate the hearts function and identify any cardiac [...]


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