Blog and Interview by Hailey Clare, a long time patient of Children’s Health Center, P.A.

Twenty years ago Sandra K Thomas, M.D. opened her practice here in our very own Marble Falls, Texas: she named it Children’s Health Center. It’s no secret that Dr. Sandra built her business with strong roots and a true connection to her patients through the community. Whether it’s time the for the rodeo, a sports team or any other event in the surrounding area, Children’s Health Center (CHC) prides itself on being able to donate and give back to the community in a personal way.

To Dr. Thomas, one of the most gratifying things about being in the same area for 20 years is being able to see her patients grow up and eventually bring in children of their own.

When it comes to Dr. Thomas’ practice, getting to the root of a patient’s symptoms is key,

I always like to highlight that we take care of the whole person every single time they walk through our doors, and that does take some sit down and one-on-one time with the parents or caregivers.

The problem isn’t always what it seems to be, and if we dig a little deeper we may find the solution to your child’s symptoms.

Congratulations to Mary Erskine  who just celebrated her 20th year with CHC as well!

Since the very beginning of Children’s Health Center, there has been one very constant person behind the scenes: her name is Mary and she has been billing for CHC since day one. When asked about her time with Mary, Dr.Thomas said that she really admires how strong willed and smart she is, “My favorite thing about Mary is when I tell her that she’s wrong, and she needs to do things this way, she sticks up for herself and absolutely does what she thinks is the right thing to do.”

Outside of the loving staff that keep things running smoothly, the loyal patients are what makes it truly feel like home around here.

Congratulations to Dr. Sandra Thomas on her success with Children’s Health Center. Also, a massive THANK YOU to all of the patients and staff that have stayed with CHC over the years, “You have truly made this process a blessing”.

I couldn’t help but ask Dr Thomas one last question…

If you could do it differently, would you still want you and your husband to be in the same field?

Oh, yes! We discuss things all of  the time. Although, the children may not appreciate the dinner conversations. I do ask his advice though, and he has really helped me grow over the years.

Twenty years down, twenty to go! Congratulations Dr Thomas & CHC.