Listed below are a few ideas for increasing you and your families physical activity from day-to-day. You don’t have to enter a marathon or join a sporting team in order to get you and your family more active. Fitting activity into your daily routine is easy if you simply follow some of the ideas in this article.

At Home:

  • Get the whole family involved in an afternoon bike ride.
  • Push the baby stroller around the block.
  • Take the dog for a walk as a family.
  • Play outdoors with the kids: throw a ball around, play hide and seek.
  • Exercise to fun workout music or simply have a dance party.
  • Use TV commercial breaks to stretch or hold a push up competition.

Out and About:

  • Park as far from the front of a store, school, etc as possible so you have to walk a little bit further.
  • When you are waiting on someone or something, use that time to go on a walk instead of checking Facebook or Twitter on your phone.
  • Take the stairs as often as possible.
  • When you are waiting on an appointment or person, choose to stand instead of sit.