Tends to cause frequent or uncomfortable urination without fever, voiding, or associated symptoms.

Common Causes

  • Bubble bath, perfumed or deodorant soap, shampoo at the beginning of the bath
  • Pinworms cause rectal itching and vaginal irritation. They look like small white commas at the edge of the rectum. Best identified by checking the rectum in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Bleach, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, detergents with whitener, brightener, or other additives
  • New clothes or underwear that have not yet been washed
  • Tight jeans, leotards and damp swimsuits
  • Poor hygiene especially in recently potty-trained kids and preschoolers
  • Summer heat, swimming pools, or spas

Uncommon Causes

  • Urethral narrowing (cause chronic infection or straining to urinate with a wide stream)
  • Masturbation
  • Urinary tract infections (usually a secondary event to the urethral irritation)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Habit or bladder spasms
  • Constipation

What will help?

  1. Treat pinworms if identified. The affected child will take one dose of PinX (OTC) now and a second PinX dose in 2 weeks (on package). All household members will also take one dose unless they are pregnant, breastfeeding and under age 2 (symptomatic siblings should take two pills as indicated above). The morning after taking the medication was all bedclothes in hot water and detergent, vacuum around the bed, damp mop the bathroom and sanitize all bathroom fixtures.
  2. For immediate relief, a warm bath with baking soda or Aveeno is soothing. If a child has difficulty urinating, a warm bath will often stimulate them to do so. Urine is sterile so they can be encouraged to go directly in the bath water, if it is easier for the child.
  3. Diaper ointment is soothing, as is Mycostatin cream, which will be prescribed for a yeast infection. Apply as directed.
  4. Avoid all bleach, whiteners, brighteners, laundry additives, dryer sheets, etc. Use a mild detergent that is perfume-free and rinse clothing well.
  5. Allow as much air possible to get to the area. Avoid panties at night unless treating pinworms (decreases spread of eggs). Remove swimsuits after swimming. Loose clothing is helpful.
  6. Teach children to wipe themselves from the rear. Clear warm water is usually sufficient for cleansing this sensitive area. Shampoo at end of bath.