By Sandra K. Thomas, M.D.

Mozart music has been shown to be beneficial to the unborn fetus. The Mozart Effect actually stimulates the brains of all humans, helping the mind actually organize time and space. It helps us retain more of what we learn.  Newer studies now demonstrate how music lessons can benefit children with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD), depression, anxiety, chronic pain to name a few.  They are all caused by an imbalance in the two hemispheres of the brain.

When the right side of the brain is understimulated, children may suffer from ADHD, OCD, autism and anxiety.  Understimulation of the left side of the brain may cause dyslexia, learning disabilities, poor memory and depression.  Music lessons actually stimulates  both sides of the brain, helping the mind achieve an improved balance.

Researchers have found that young children who take music lessons show improved memory and brain development in as few as four months as compared to those who receive no music training.  The training actually improves memory and IQ scores as well as math and science skills.  As trained children’s brains mature, the electric conduction between neurons in their brains actually worked faster while they were studying music, according to an article in the Science Daily .

Recent studies have shown that the combination of skills required to read and play music helps both sides of the brain learn to work together more efficiently, resulting in improved learning.  Research also has shown that people who take music lessons actually have larger brains.  One study even demonstrated that about 75% of CEO’s had taken music lessons as a child.

By taking music lessons, a child not only cuts his learning time, but is able to study for longer periods of time, and calms any anxiety they may feel.  Music helps one integrate both sides of the brain for more efficient learning.  Taking music lessons as a child helps reduce the number of problems a child may suffer through their education and development.