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An EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram) measures the heart’s electrical activity (generated by the heart as it contracts) to help the CHC staff evaluate the hearts function and identify any cardiac [...]


Minor Procedures


Children fall and accidents happen. You can trust that our skilled pediatric staff is trained and experienced to handle your child’s wounds. From minor stitches, wound care, ingrown toenails to [...]

Minor Procedures2020-08-01T00:58:09+00:00

Developmental Testing


Developmental testing is essential for every child. This screening is designed to identify problems or delays during normal childhood development. Finding issues early, allows improved outcomes due to early implementation of [...]

Developmental Testing2020-08-01T00:44:05+00:00



If you were unable to, or chose not to, have your son circumcised at the hospital, our pediatricians are qualified to perform this routine procedure. There are many pros to [...]




Immunizations are just as important to your overall health as good foods and exercise. They are very safe and they work. Many communicable diseases among children are preventable if the [...]


Acute Care


Children’s Health Center has pediatric acute care available to those with minor illnesses or injuries. Regardless if it’s a cough, ear pain, sprained ankle or sore throat, our team of medical [...]

Acute Care2020-07-18T11:00:34+00:00

Well-child Exams


A well-child exam involves measurements, vaccines and an evaluation of your child’s development. Well-child exams help children and teens grow into healthy adults. A baby should have their first well-child [...]

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